For YZ-180 and YZ-180B hydraulic Vibratory Hammer Project

YZ-180 and YC-21 mixing piling in Safaniya Oil Field Steel Trestle Project for Saudi Aramco
YZ-180 hydraulic vibratory hammer for Yangtze River Bridge in Chibi city
YZ-180 hydraulic vibratory hammer engage pill pulling project for the Feiyun bridge in Ru’an Wenzhou
YZ-180B Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer for Shenzhen Prince Bay momprehensive building project
YZ-180B for Zhuhai Honghe Expressway Bridge Construction Project
YZ-180 hydraulic vibratory hammer engage East Timor Dili Sea Port piling project
YZ-180 for Donghai Island to Leizhou express bridge temperate pile pulling project
YZ-180 for Jingyuan Jintan Yellow River Bridge Pilling Project
YZ-180 pile driving and extraction operation in Siberia ultra cool environtment